In a world of pollutants, poor lifestyle habits and empty food choices, Vitamin-C plays a fundamental role in bodily healing and overall health. Correcting imperfections and facilitating cell regeneration, this Vitamin is well known for its versatile, yet imperative functionalities in maintaining a healthy body and mind. The Biology of the nutrient is far from simple, but in its basic form, it is this. Vitamin-C is one of the cheapest treatment sources preserving and protecting the body from infections, toxification, autoimmune diseases and potential cancer. As an anti-aging agent, it preserves skin tone, texture, and health due to its regenerative nature.

It facilitates the absorption of iron, which increases concentrates of Haemoglobin in your bloodstream. Haemoglobin is the liquid form of an oxygen carrier, which moves oxygen from your lungs to your body and transports Carbon-Dioxide from your tissues to your lungs, where you exhale it.  You can see how important this specific nutrient is, in that it is one of the core nutrients that keeps your body alive and well.

Did you know that your body cannot store Vitamin-C? Vitamin-C is only produced in animals like guinea pigs, fishes, and birds. Humans suffer from a DNA mutation, which inhibits the coding of Gluconolactone Oxidase. This is the enzyme responsible for generating Vitamin-C.

Due to this mutation, supplementing Vitamin-C is imperative to survival.  Vitamin-C is found in colourful fruits and vegetables, in fact, the redder the pigment of the fruit, the higher in Vitamin-C it is. Strawberries contain more Vitamin-C than Oranges, and Red Peppers are one of the highest Vitamin-C carriers on the spectrum of Vitamin-C producing foods.

These fresh fruits and vegetables are often seasonal. Supplementing your body with Vitamin-C is the only way to ensure that your Vitamin-C levels are maintained at an optimum level.

Investing a small amount per month in a supplement as simple as Vitamin-C, equals a large investment in yourself, your health, and your quality of life. Evo-Health has a range of supplementary products, with perfectly balanced quantities of the daily vitamin and mineral requirements to optimise your health.

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