Vitamin C 500mg & Vitamin D3 500iu – 60 Tablets

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Indicated as a health supplement to promote good health and contribute to the normal function of the immune system.

Vitamin C (Ascorbic-Acid) 500mg Elemental, Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol) 500iu Elemental.

Take one or two tablets daily or as directed by your doctor or pharmacist


  • Immune Booster for all viruses
  • Each tablet contains 500mg Elemental Vitamin C
    (Ascorbic Acid) with 500iu Vitamin D for improved
    Immune function.
  • Delivers 1000mg Vitamin C and 1000iu Vitamin D Daily.
  • 60 Tablets per Pack (30 Day Supply)
  • Excellent value for money as it is a combination of
    Vitamin C with Vitamin D.