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Martin – 16 Aug 2021
I have been using this for almost a year now. It’s great value for money, great daily booster for your immune system.


Rushane – 04 Aug 2021
This product really works, went from a pimple face to a smooth skin. It’s amazing how good it works compared to the price


Theresa – 02 Aug 2021
Best value for money is the second time we bought it and one of the best zinc supplements out there. 🌸❤


Heather – 15 Jul 2021
Great product – Glad to have found a supplement that has a higher mg supply of Zinc than the multi vitamins provide.


Sha-dĂ© – 14 Jul 2021
My daughter got a huge breakout on her forehead after a trip to the barber, she had it for 3 months but after using this product for two weeks, the pimples are completely gone. We’re using it with the Vitamin C from the same brand. It’s really working well.


08 Jul 2021
Great immune booster, haven’t been sick this whole month so far and can see a significant improvement with my acne. Highly recommend this product! Plus it’s a great price for the number of tablets you get.


Petrus – 04 Jul 2021
While zink and selenium is widely talked of that it boosts the immune system. Although I cannot say that I experience any feeling better than currently I believe the product is trustworthy and to the benefit of the immune system


Melanie – 22 June 2021
Felt SO much better in me and didn’t get flu this season!


Enya – 20 June 2021
Thanx to this product we recovered from Covid 19. It boosted our immune system to combat the virus.


Bronwyn – 9 June 2021
Fantastic product with high zinc content. Great value for money.


23 May 2021
Well, thanks to the high elemental zinc, not just my immune system was boosted, so was my libido.


7 May 2021
I have on these say roughly almost 2 months, I rarely get breakouts now let me add I have been battling adult acne since 2018, all gone all cleared up prior to this I tried numerous creams and face treatments, also I recently had a cold that only lasted 2 days, this works I have tried and tested it, worth every cent.


Bongani – 31 Aug 2021
This is the product i needed all along.I now feel my immune system has been boosted,i have gained aclear face and the acne are gone. I recommend every one to try these products to witness the goodness of the product.


Theo – 28 Aug 2021
It has been a week since I’ve started taking the product and I have started noticing a difference on my face on day three of using it. My skin is so smooth and the darkening on my face is slowly starting to clear up. This is a true testimony…. I has not stopped there my bowel system has improved… I hope this product is here to stay.. it has changed my life.. What a confidence booster..


Winny – 25 Aug 2021
very nice product. i’ve been taking different brand but i think from now on i’ll stick to this one


Lethukuthula – 02 Aug 2021
Ive seen great improvement in my skin and my sinusitis while using these vitamins. Would definitely recommend.


Ntebo – 4 June 2021
Functions as they should, I have good energy and less severity of flu symptoms


4 June 2021
Best value for money


Carol Ann – 10 May 2021
Good product. Will buy it again.


Sifakubi – 5 March 2021
This is brilliant ammunition to take daily if you are to keep your immune system at its very best. With Covid-19 still around, our last line of defense is a well looked after immune system, this product is brilliant at a great price compared to the mainline suppliers.


Chanay – 02 Aug 2021
Exceptional price, the jar has 150 tablets so this jar lasts 5 months… my 3rd time buying, for my whole family. Tablet is also a reasonable size to swallow. love it!


ALICIA – 14 June 2021
We just love it. 150 tabs, enough for the whole family


4 June 2021
Good quality, not expensive compared to others.


Betty – 27 May 2021
Excellent price and delivered to the door-what more could one want?


7 May 2021
The price is amazing for the number of pills you get. Will get it every month for my family. Value for money


Mampho – 26 April 2021
Best product for the best price.


14 April 2021
Great price for this large quantity of Vitamin D.


Willie – 9 April 2021
This is a great product. Value for money and it works just as well if not better than some of the more expensive options available. Impressed.


Margaret – 2 January 2021
The pills are small and easy to swallow. I have ordered them again.



Nomonde – 2 July 2021
Work wonders.


Michelle – 30 April 2021
Wonderful product!


Sibongile – 12 April 2021
Cal C is a good supplement for kids/children, it helps my sister’s child who’s 2 years old, he couldn’t stand straight since he started talking Cal C I can the difference.


Nomvula – 23 November 2020
The product is very helpful.